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Duncan Dragon Hawk Light-Up Flying Bird - Glider - w/ Power Assist

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Quick overview

Have you ever wanted to train your own dragon? Well now you can! Train your dragon to fly, rise and dive. Rule the skies day or night with colorful lights! The light up dragon hawk flies like a real dragon with lifelike flight movement, controlled flight patterns and super long flight capability! With Power Assist, it will soar in the sky for 5 to 10 seconds. Just shake your wrist three times and let it soar! It's durable and made to last and you can recharge it with the attached USB cord. Watch out! You're about to have a TERROR-IFIC time!

- Auto-start: Shake it and the motor starts automatically. - Super Long Flight Distance: Fly straight or in patterns. - Power Assist: Play an hour on a single 20 minute charge. - Two Power Settings: For shorter flights or high flying run.

Prices are restricted to registered users

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Brand Duncan
RRP €29.95
Weight 0.3kg

Duncan Toys Dragon Hawk Light-Up Flying Bird - Day/Night Motorized Toy with Shake Auto Start, USB Charger, 2 Flight Positions

DESIGN: This durable glider toy flutter, climb, and dive like a real bird. The 4 wings are designed to light up when playing in the dark.

AUTO START: this lifelike bird toy features a shake auto-start function. The built-in G-sensor activates the motor by sensing a simple back and forth motion.

FLIGHT TIME: automatic flying bird works on two fly-time settings – 5 sec. with controlled flight pattern and 10 sec. for open areas. The tail can be adjusted to control flight patterns.

EASY CHARGING: flying dragon toy comes with a USB charger that allows for 1 hour of playing time with just 20 min. of charging.

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