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Hyperflite FrostBite Throwing Disc

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Quick overview

The Frostbite disc from Hyperflite is designed for high energy games of canine catch, but in colder temperatures. Frisbee fans will know from bitter experience that conventional sports discs have a tendency to shatter when used in cold or freezing temperatures. The Frostbite disc is designed to stay intact, but still offer the same thrilling games of catch. As with the whole Hyperflite range, this disc has been designed with dog ergonomics in mind. The contouring, size and shape all lend themselves to making this a dog-focused disc. The Frostbite disc is 8.75" in diamater and weighs 105 grams. 

EAN 0830309002425
Brand Hyperflite
RRP €13.19
Weight 0.105kg

Hyperflite is an American manufacturer that specialises in canine throwing discs. Using custom plastics and polymers and their ingenious range of moulds, they have been paving the way for dog focused throwing toys and supply the official models for the SkyHoundz championships.

The Frostbite disc uses the same mould as their classic JAWZ model, but is made from a plastic that won't shatter when used in colder environments. Please note that the Frostbite disc is NOT puncture-resistant. The classic JAWZ disc remains the most resilient model in the Hyperflite arsenal of throwing toys, but this is a great option for when you want to play with pooch in colder climates.     

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