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Juggle Dream Crystal Clear Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball 90mm

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Quick overview

Crystal clear acrylic contact juggling balls from Juggle Dream. This listing is for the 90mm crystal clear contact ball. Crystal clear and free from defects.

Prices are restricted to registered users

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EAN 5052838016994
Brand Juggle Dream
Diameter 90
RRP €29.69
Weight 0.453kg

The 90mm Crystal Clear acrylic contact ball is one of the most popular choices for single ball manipulation. The 90mm offers more flexibility and ease of movement with less strain on the wrist. 90mm also proves excellent for body rolling and head balancing tricks, with maximum visual impact. This ball is heavy so a warm-up is recommended beforehand as extended periods of playing can be tiring on the hands, wrists, and arms.

Contact Juggling 

The Crystal Clear gives the performer complete confidence when manipulating as it allows focus on the movement of the ball when in contact with the body. 

Visually stunning, with a weight that is ideal for either body rolling or balancing. 

Crystal clear, translucent, and UV acrylic contact juggling balls. These balls look like magic crystal balls and come in many different sizes for multiball and body rolling. They are much better than Fushigi balls.

The Juggle Dream Crystal Clear is not to be confused with Fushigi ball, the cheaper standard acrylics. The Juggle Dream Crystal Clear Contact Ball has a sharper clarity, perfectly round in shape, and acrylic purity. Our Crystal Clear acrylics are produced from extruded rods of acrylic which are then machined into spheres and polished to perfection.

Fushigi balls and other cheaper standard acrylics, however, are made using injection molding. This process seldom produces the clarity of extruded acrylic and can create warping within the ball. The injection molding also increases the chances of grit or bubbles being trapped when molded. 

With the Juggle Dream Crystal Clear, you can expect no warping, bubbles, or wobbles, just a beautiful crystal clear acrylic ball. 

Crystal Ball Photography

The crystal clear offers a level of perfection that is often sought by photographers. The clarity in the crystal ball lens enables the photographer to take refraction photos, which reveal the background scene within the ball. The photographic technique where an out-of-focus background appears sharply defined inside a Crystal Clear ball. 

We recommend the 80mm, or wider, sized Crystal Clear contact ball for photography as it offers a large surface area for focus. 

Warning: The Crystal Clear Contact Ball can cause fires if left in direct sunlight. Keep covered when not in use.

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