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Juggle Dream Fire Starter - Circus Skill Kits

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Quick overview

The Fire Starter Pack by Juggle Dream brings you all that you need to start exploring the fire arts! 

With these four different fire props, you will be part of this evocative and striking world!

Fire Starter Pack by Juggle Dream comes with:

2 x Juggle Dream Fire Eating Stick

1 x Juggle Dream Fire Spitting Stick

3 x Juggle Dream Pulsar Fire Torch

1 x Juggle Dream Aluminium Fire Staff 1.4m

Brand Juggle Dream
Weight 5kg

2 x Juggle Dream Fire Eating Sticks

This Fire eating stick from Juggle Dream comes with a smooth aluminium coated wooden handle and pure para-aramid wick. The lack of any exposed metal makes this stick brilliant for body burning and fire eating.

1 x Juggle Dream Fire Spitting Stick

Constructed from 8mm thick, solid aluminium rod and fitted with soft padded foam handles the Juggle Dream fire spitting stick is a simple, elegant fire prop. Please note this stick is designed for spitting, rather than eating, fire. The metal construction makes the stick resistant to the higher temperatures generated from fire spitting and the screw fixing makes for easy wick changes.

Specifications Length: 45cm Wicks : 50mm aramid fibre

3 x Juggle Dream Pulsar Fire Torch

These slick looking fire torches from Juggle Dream are excellent props for fire performers and club jugglers looking to try something a little more exciting. Each torch has a good length of quality 50mm wick secured to the end which can be easily replaced. These clubs are a very easy juggle, with the wrapped handles offering a comfortable catch and the rubber rings giving more protection to the flash silver decoration when dropped. The torch also features a heavy duty rubber knob which will enable some nice club balances.

Specification: Length: 50.5cm Wick: 5.5cm Weight: 236g

1 x Juggle Dream Aluminium Fire Staff 1.4m

Lightweight yet tough aluminium shaft, these fire staffs are great for the more aggressive fire staff spinners as they are much stronger than wooden fire staffs and will not snap but can get bent if they get kicked or stood on. Fitted with 2 x 100mm of top quality Para-Aramid fire wick, each burner will produce a good size flame which should not need re-wicking for years! The ends of the shaft are blocked with 2 wooden plugs which are covered in thick heat-resistant aluminium tape to stop the flames from traveling through the tube. To finish off the staff has a long (32cm) shock absorbing, Non-slip, padded handgrip.

Fire Staff Spec: Length: 1.4m Weight: 540g Wicks: 100mm

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