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Juggle Dream Tumbler Manipulation Hat - Orange/Blue

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Quick overview

The Tumbler Manipulation hat from Juggle Dream is specifically shaped and weighted for hat tricks. The main advantage of this hat is that it is totally symmetrical and made from three layers of wool - this is enough to keep the hat heavy for throws, rolls, spins and tumbles. Hats are often purchased in sets of 3 to more advanced hat jugglers but here are sold individually. The quality of the hats is consistent and excellent.

Prices are restricted to registered users

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Brand Juggle Dream
Colour Orange / Blue
RRP €49.00
Weight 0kg

The Tumbler Manipulation hat from Juggle Dream is designed with specific features to cater to hat juggling and manipulation tricks. Its design incorporates characteristics that make it well-suited for various hat tricks, rolls, spins, and tumbles. Here are some key points about the Tumbler Manipulation hat:

  1. Symmetrical Design: The hat is symmetrical in shape, which is an advantageous feature for hat manipulation. Symmetry allows for uniform handling and control during various tricks, making it easier for jugglers to achieve precise movements.

  2. Weight and Construction: The hat is made from three layers of wool, which provides it with the necessary weight for performing throws, rolls, spins, and tumbles. The weight is crucial in maintaining the proper trajectory and control during these tricks, ensuring that the hat responds as intended.

  3. Suitable for Tricks: The Tumbler Manipulation hat is specially designed for hat tricks, indicating that it is optimized for skilled jugglers who want to perform complex and advanced manipulations with hats. Its design and weight distribution likely contribute to its suitability for a range of tricks.

  4. Individual Purchase: While hats for juggling are often sold in sets of three to accommodate more experienced jugglers performing tricks with multiple hats, the Tumbler Manipulation hat is sold individually. This suggests that the hat is designed with the needs of individual jugglers in mind, allowing them to acquire the specific number of hats they require for their routines.

  5. Consistent Quality: The hat highlights the consistent and excellent quality of the Tumbler Manipulation hat. This is an important factor for jugglers who rely on well-made and durable equipment to execute their tricks reliably.

Overall, the Tumbler Manipulation hat appears to be a thoughtfully designed prop for hat juggling enthusiasts, providing features such as symmetry, appropriate weight, and quality construction that enhance its suitability for a variety of tricks and manipulations.

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